Can I purchase Yukié's products during the confinement?
Yes, you can order her books and planners from Blurb.com, the bookstore is still open.
Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, Yukié is in the process of making her illustrations available in the format of pdf greeting cards. 

How to find Yukié’s books and Planners?
You can go to www.Blurb.com then go to their Bookstore and search the name of the book or the planner or name of the author: Yukie Matsushita. You can also go to www.Amazon.com and search for Yukie Matsushita

Which is better? Is it better to order from Amazon or Blurb?
Ordering from Blurb will be better since Blurb is the printer and the publisher.
Although you can order via Amazon, it is more direct to order from Blurb.com.

What are the differences in Yukié's books or planners when I buy them from the Blurb or Amazon? 
There is no difference in Yukié's books or planners, they are exactly the same.

I see different versions of Yukié's planners on Amazon bookstore, Why and what are the differences?
Yukié's planners has been updated and improved since she published on Amazon.com. in 2017. Amazon keeps all versions including the older versions. So please pay attention to the published date. The latest updated productivity planners are February 7th, 2019 for 90-Day Action Planner, 90-Day Journal, and 3-Year Goal Planner. For 12-Month Habit Tracker

Do I need to create an account with Blurb.com to purchase Yukie’s books and planners?
No, you don’t need to create an account with Blurb, you can purchase a book through Blurb.com as a guest.

How to pay for the products?
Blurb.com accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.
Amazon.com accepts all major credit cards.

How is the product shipped?
Shipping options vary by delivery destination. In the USA, it’s UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Other countries may use UPS or FedEx along with other local couriers or even DHL. There’s no way of knowing what courier it will ship through until the order is placed. 

Can I get a discount when I order more copies?
Yes, purchasing from Blurb.com you receive a 10% discount when you purchase more than 10 copies. You receive a 20% discount from Blurb.com when you purchase more than 20 copies. When you purchase more than 50 copies you receive a 25% discount.

What the timeline of the order process to shipment?
Normally it takes 4-5 business days to print and bind a book, plus shipping time. On average, it’s about 10 business days that you receive your book from the order date.
However, with the current situation, this process will take slightly longer.

How can I find out the exact price for ordering the books or the planners?
If you like to know the exact quote for purchasing the books or the planners; including shipping and handling and any applicable tax is via the check-out cart. 

1. Place the books or the planners you like to purchase in your cart

2. Then walk through the rest of the check-out process, up to the final page where you are prompted to enter your credit card number. (Do not enter your credit number unless you’re ready to order). 

3. You’ll then see the details of your book, plus the pricing (with any volume discounts applied) plus details on shipping and handling, and tax, etc. 

4. That total will be the final price you’ll pay.

5. You’ll have to use our Shipping Calculator for shipping prices:

Can I purchase Yukié's original illustrations? 
Yes, you can commission work with Yukié.
Please contact Yukié at contact@illustratorinparis.com