About Yukié

Yukié has an Exhibition by Swim cinema
The video "Yukié has an Exhibition" is made by SWiM cinema

Yukié Matsushita is an illustrator and graphic designer with a multicultural background: Japanese, American, and French. She was born Japan and, at the age of 12, moved to the USA with her aspiring artist mother. After graduating from SUNY Binghamton, she relocated to New York City where she studied at the School of Visual Arts and worked as a graphic designer. In 1994 she moved to Paris, the city of her dreams. She worked as a designer/art director for seven years at a small communication design & advertising agency. Since 2003, she has worked as a freelance illustrator/graphic designer, and she participated in local art shows.

Yukié depicts the positive side of life. She finds inspiration in daily life in France and her Asian background. Her fluency in traditional drawing techniques and desktop publishing help her to create books and products such as  «ABC Paris,» «Liana - A Creature Unlike Any Other,» and «90-Day Action Planner» and spin-offs.

Yukié is a lifelong learner, and the discovery of « Mind-mapping » was an eye-opener which allowed her to absorb new subjects much better and raise her productivity.

She incorporated “mind-mapping” design into her unique planners. These planners have become her work companion and productivity tool to finish projects and reach goals more efficiently.