“I have been using a variety of planners from Yukie Matsushita for the past couple of years.
I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all that I have without her. In fact, I am just getting my 2019 planner underway -- I need to see what I am doing to reach my goals.”
Laurie Fox Pessemier
American, Fine Artist
Rocca Malatina, Italy

“I was apprehensive when Yukié introduced me to her 90-Day Action Planner. However, due to the Planner’s clever design, I quickly learned about mind-mapping. It makes sense to plan with the end goals in mind, to break them down into manageable tasks and then lay out an action plan to achieve the goals. I began to have great motivational energy in the morning.
No more worries about aiming towards my goals. I feel happy to see my written goals in the middle of the page. How powerful it is to visualize the plan. I have never seen a planner like this! ”
Eiai Park
New York - Paris

“The 90-day action planner is an excellent tool to break old habits and start new ones. Its three-day format is unique and a rupture from our ingrained Western way of viewing time as blocks of seven days. By setting the goal of running once every three days,
I ran over 10 times in a month whereas before I was only running once a week or around four times a month. Once I realized this, I saw the power of using the planner to focus actions around three-day chunks of time increasing my performance rate and results. Yukie’s planner gives you the freedom and flexibility to see and plan your time in new ways.”             
David Martin
Creator of speaktherainbow.com

“With so many tasks today I often get overwhelmed and don’t make progress. The Action Planner is an intelligent tool and makes it easier to reach my goals. I look forward to starting projects now thanks to the Action Planner! ”
Julie Vetter

“Yukié told me that I could use “the 90-Day Journal” anyway I want, so I am using it for my work. I am on the 3rd “90-Day Journal,” and today it is my work tool. In the beginning, I was not able to use it well; however as I began to write things down, it inspired me to write more. I organize my tasks better with “Tracking progress.” I love seeing my goals for the week in the middle of the page. When I check off my tasks, I know that I am a step closer in achieving the goal.”  
Chikako Maruyama

“The 90-day Journal is an extremely helpful companion for becoming more organized and productive. I use it for creativity and self-development because it is an appealing system and an attractive journal.”
Marie Davis
Santa Monica California

"The 90-Day Action Planner is how I organized myself when I needed to complete a documentary (editing, graphics, color correction) in time to enter into a film festival. This was my organizing tool where I kept all my notes, schedules and goals in one place. Most importantly, the 90-Day Action Planner is set up so that you can clearly visualize your goals from most important (major and priority tasks) to weekly, then monthly goals. I tracked my progress and finished my documentary which went on to win an award."
Sarah Galloway
Documentary filmmaker

"Life gets busy. It’s easy to lose track of your personal goals. The Pocket Planner is where I jot down my short-term and long-term goals, appointments....all the stuff of life that I don’t want to lose track of. I like to keep these goals separate from my work calendar and I like it that I can keep my written goals to myself (not online). The Pocket Planner stays by my desk to remind me what I want to accomplish when I find I have some free time. It also fits into my purse so I can take it everywhere. Plus, it’s super cute."
Sarah Galloway
Documentary filmmaker


"This artist, who lives in Paris, does beautiful work and her proverbs are extra lovely framed and provide inspiration for daily living."
Jude Lutge
California, USA