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"ABC & Phonétique" Book

"ABC & Phonétique" is a combination of alphabet and simplified French phonetics book which will help you to embark on successfully learning the French language. The book presents the complicated French phonetics easy to grasp and clear. The "ABC & Phonétique" is where you must begin when you are embarking on studying French. It is the way to demystify the language and to gain confidence for the beginner in French. Notcha, the cat makes the "ABC & Phonétique friendly and joyful. Learning phonetics in alphabetical order makes it easier to learn. Like the book "ABC Paris" the "ABC & Phonétique" introduces the color-coded method to help you memorize the gender of French nouns: bluish color for the masculine word and reddish color for the feminine word. You will learn the gender of over 140 French nouns.  Purchase at Blurb Bookstore.


"ABC Paris" Book

"ABC Paris" is the perfect book for Francophiles who are as curious about "La Ville Lumière" as they are about "La langue française".  It is about the City of Light which shows great Parisian monuments - one for each letter of the alphabet- from A to Z through a fresh and innovative view from the windows of private apartments. It is an enchanting invitation to Gallic life.
"ABC Paris" is useful in learning some basics by introducing a unique color method to help memorize the gender of French nouns. Words are instantly recognizable as masculine or feminine because they are color-coded: blue for masculine and red for feminine. Purchase at Etsy shop.

"Liana: A creature unlike any other" Book

“Liana: A creature unlike any other” is a children's book (4-6 years old), colorful illustrations with short texts.
The texts are written in English and French, the book can be used to learn simple vocabulary in the two languages.
It is a story of a "unique" female chameleon who overcomes difficulties because of her decision, inner strength, and positive attitude.
It is a short yet insightful story about how one's attitude changes life and other's view.
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* Please note: when you order "Liana" book from Blurb bookstore, the quality of the paper is "gloss" whereas when you order from Amazon bookstore the quality of the paper is "matte".

Print of "ABC Paris" illustrations

Image size of 25.5cm x 34 cm (10" x 13") on paper size 30cm x 40cm (12" x 15.75");
Signed, titled and dated on the back.
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Wall art: print of linoleum impression

Signed with a pencil in front and stamped on the back.
Paper size : 24 x 32 cm (9.5” x 12.5”), image size : 13 x 18 cm (5”x7”)
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Yukié's productivity planners

Blurb bookstore: 90-Day Action Planner 2019+. 90-Day Journal 2019+3-Year Goal Planner 2019+.
12 Month Habit Tracker2019 Pocket Planner.
Amazon: 90-Day Action Planner 2019+. 90-Day Journal 2019+3-Year Goal Planner 2019+.
12 Month Habit Tracker2019 Pocket Planner.

Yukié's planning games - pdf format

2019 Planning Game. 2019 Goal Game. 2019 Blog Planner. 2019 Diet Game.