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Yukié's books and planners (except "ABC Paris.") are printed at Blurb.com. So far, Blurb's business is still open, taking orders, printing, and delivering. (more about Blurb's Covid-19 information, click here.)

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"ABC & Phonétique" Book

You want to learn the French language, but you don't know where to start? "ABC & Phonétique"  is a combination of the alphabet and simplified French phonetics, and this is where you must begin when you are embarking on studying French. This method is how French children learn the language. And also, for those who missed out learning French phonetics at the beginning, this book will help them to review these basics. The "ABC & Phonétique" presents the complicated French phonetics easy to grasp and clear.  Learning these basics is the way to demystify the language and to gain confidence for the beginner in French. Notcha, the cat makes the "ABC & Phonétique" friendly and joyful. Learning phonetics in alphabetical order makes it easy to understand. Like Yukié's other book, "ABC Paris" the "ABC & Phonétique" introduces the color-coded method to help you memorize the gender of French nouns: bluish color for the masculine word and reddish color for the feminine word. You will learn the gender of over 140 French nouns. About the origin of the "ABC & Phonétique." And more about French phonetics. Preview the book ABC & Phonétique. 
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"ABC Paris" Book

Are you a Paris lover? You can visit Paris in this book. "ABC Paris" is the perfect book for Francophiles who are as curious about "La Ville Lumière" as they are about "La langue française." It is about the City of Light, which shows great Parisian monuments - one for each letter of the alphabet- from A to Z through a fresh and innovative view from the windows of private apartments. It is an enchanting invitation to Gallic life.
"ABC Paris" is useful in learning some basics by introducing a unique color method to help memorize the gender of French nouns. Words are instantly recognizable as masculine or feminine because they are color-coded: blue for masculine and red for feminine nouns. More about ABC Paris.  Purchase at Etsy shop.

"Liana: A creature unlike any other" Book

"Liana: A creature unlike any other" is a children's book (4-6 years old), colorful illustrations with short texts.
The texts are written in English and French, and the book can be used to learn simple vocabulary in the two languages.
It is a story of a "unique" female chameleon who overcomes difficulties because of her decision, inner strength, and positive attitude.
It is a short yet insightful story about how one's attitude changes life and other's view. More about "Liana."
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"Keep a green tree in your heart" book

The “Keep a green tree in your heart” is a collection of 24 proverbs from around the world with a positive message of life.
Yukié illustrates the proverbs with animals like the Fables of Jean de La Fontaine.
In an always busy world, this book presents you with a peaceful moment; it will warm your heart and makes you smile.

The proverbs in English are translated into French, Spanish, and Japanese to reach international audiences.
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Achieve Your 12 Goals with the Daruma Game


The "Daruma Game" is a project notebook to help you accomplish 12 goals in a fun way. Daruma is a Japanese wishing doll, the legend says when you make a wish upon Daruma, your wish will come true. So this is a project notebook with a good luck charm of a Daruma doll. You choose what your 12 Games would be and what to achieve. Everyone has different objectives, games, and rules to proceed. — Create your games, play & win them. Make achieving your goals an amusing game. 
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Yukié's productivity planners

Are you ready to achieve your goals in 90-Days? Yukié's productivity planners will help you keep committed and focused on your goals. They will help to visualize and clarify your goals using mind mapping pages. These planners help you to advance quickly on your goals by breaking down big tasks and working on the details. You can keep track of your progress with smart checklists. More about 90-Day Planners.

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12 Month Habit Tracker.
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12 Month Habit Tracker.

Yukié's health trackers

The greatest wealth is health. Keep track of your health & well-being with "My 3-Year Health Journal." It is a complimentary notebook for all the health Apps. You can keep track of your blood pressure, sugar level, moods, sports, doctors' appointments, and take any notes about your health information in one notebook. One-pager pdf of the "14-Day Visual Health log" is suited for people who want to keep track of their symptoms. And "Blood Pressure log" is available on the Etsy shop.   
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 Yukié's planning games - pdf format

For those who prefer pdf format planners.

2022 Planning Game. 2022 Goal Game. 2022 Blog Planner. Diet Game.